3 Things Christians Should Stop Doing

Things Christians should stop doing

Break these bad habits that many Christians battle.

It is easy to get caught up in the flow of the standard things some people do or say. For example, a believer says “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle” to a friend working through a trial. Here is why that is a practice you should get out if you are guilty of saying things like this of along with two other things Christians should stop doing.

Telling People “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle”

This popular saying in Christian circles has been used to try to encourage people in trials but in reality, it twists the words of 1 Corinthians 10:13. This verse points toward temptation, stating that God will be there if things are too hard but the reality is that sometimes God actually gives us things we cannot handle so we learn to lean on him for that extra help. If we could handle it all ourselves, would we ever truly turn to God? In today’s world, a huge emphasis is placed on “me” and being “strong for myself,” but in Christ’s world, we should always be trusting in and relying on God. Sometimes God allows us to go through things so we realize our need for relying on God’s grace, comfort, understanding and peace. We are not meant to do it all ourselves.

Telling People You Will Pray for Them Without Actually Doing It

Most of us have done this one time or another. Although we don’t actually mean to forget to pray for someone once we tell them we will, it sometimes happens. One way to combat this is by making sure you set aside time to pray for people – be it on the spot or at a certain time each day. Use an app, like PrayerMate, that allows you to keep track of topics you want to pray about and make sure you set time to do it. Maybe lay in bed a few extra minutes in the morning and open your app and pray down the list.

As a bonus, offer to not just pray but be the hands and feet for Christ. How can you act out Christ’s love by helping someone during a difficult time? Give them a ride? Go grocery shopping for them? Drop off a bag of groceries on their doorstep? Offer to babysit? Give rides? God will equip you to help and may even multiply the small offerings you have to help the person in need.

Only Being a “Christian” on Sunday

Many people get in the habit of heading to church on Sundays, making God just another part of their weekly list of things to do. But our entire lives must revolve around him. God deserves priority above all other things in our lives. How are you spending your time, energy and money on Monday through Saturday? If you are truly a Christian, you should strive to glorify God every day of your life – not just on Sundays.