Scheduled Maintenance with Christian Bros. in Murphy, TX

We've all heard about things like oil changes, and it's hard to delay replacing worn-out wipers, but many people don't think about maintenance when their cars reach milestones. This lack of knowledge can cause significant problems such as broken parts or even catastrophic engine failure. It could also lead to getting you're more likely to get taken advantage of by mechanics.

We've jotted down some thoughts to jump start your learning about these important car maintenance issues:

• Keep track: Have you ever forgotten about maintenance because there wasn't a notice on your windshield A simple log of all the work done can solve everything. You can use a list to track service appointments, and you can also track things such as wipers, timing belt replacement, hose replacement and flushes with this simple trick. Tracking fuel and dipstick checks can help you track performance and will let you spot any problems early on.

• Check out the manual: All vehicles come with a manual specific to them, and these small books discuss the manufacturer's recommendations for keeping your auto in top shape. A lot of drivers don't think that these recommendations can vary a lot, so they end up relying on what potentially unscrupulous dealers say about the maintenance their vehicle requires. We keep track of the correct upkeep for every car we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in Murphy, TX, but you can't blindly believe everyone. If you do, it could thousands.

• Visit the car wash already: Looking good is not the same as functionality when it comes to many things, but keeping your auto clean is an important upkeep. If you don't frequent the car wash, the residue will cause real trouble.

• Write up a checklist: Forgetting about vehicle maintenance is common, but an easy method for getting everything done on time is to create a list of everything your vehicle needs when you sign the title. Then, you can document each item as your car reaches. If handwritten lists aren't for you, there are simple electronic tools for the job.