Brake Repair in Monument, CO 80132

Do your brakes squeak when you use them? This is usually an indication of damaged or worn brake pads that need to be changed. Do not overlook this issue. If ignored, the extra abrasion will damage the rotors irreparably, resulting in an expensive replacement.

Changing your vehicle's brake pads is routine auto maintenance, but Christian Brothers Automotive does much more for your car compared to other auto shops. Our ASE-certified technicians make sure to include all of the components made specifically for the brake pads we install on your vehicle.

Our brake service also includes resurfacing your vehicle's rotors. Rotors play an elaborate role in slowing your automobile down. Without them your vehicle would not properly come to a complete stop. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your automobile's rotors back to the supplier's specifications.

Brake liquid is also vital to your vehicle's stopping system. Most vehicle repair companies simply top off your brake fluid. Christian Brothers Automotive uses only clean brake liquid for service, which helps restore your braking system's performance.

If you are experiencing brake difficulty, or your brakes are screeching, give us a call or come by your local Christian Brothers Automotive in Monument near I-87. We are located at:

16130 Jackson Creek Pkwy
Monument, CO 80132