Get Ready for the Summer Heat with AC Repairs

Here are a few of the things that we’ll consider when working with your car’s air conditioner:

Air Filters

Cabin air filters help sanitize the air from your AC. But a filthy filter can actually limit the flow of air. The good thing is that it is quite inexpensive and fast to swap out a filter. At our shop, we have a huge selection of air filters in stock and can take care of these replacements for you.


Reaching the appropriate balance with your fluid can be difficult. Too much fluid can keep the system from producing cold air, while not enough fluid can ruin it. Our technicians will ensure that your fluid levels are where they need to be. It may also be time to flush your coolant system, which means replacing old fluid with a new, clean replacement.


The seals and tubes of your cooling system can develop cracks, will lead to leaks, over time. If this is an issue with your car, we’ll find and fix any leaks to restore your system’s production.

AC Repair in Missouri City

For professional Missouri City AC repairs, you can depend on us for projects of all sizes. When the temperatures are miserable, your professional auto AC repairs from Christian Brothers will keep you and your family cool and comfortable.