Check Engine Light Service in West Houston, Texas

Your car's check engine light may switch on for a variety of reasons. Don't wait for the light to become a big expensive problem! At Christian Brothers Automotive in Mission Bend, we can do a comphrehensive check engine light diagnosis on your car.

Our Solution

Our ASE-certified professionals assess your vehicle's check engine light with excrutiating detail. Various other automobile repair work shops will change out major engine parts rather than considering all the factors that could have caused the check engine light to come on. Our comprehensive diagnosis provides your car with industry-leading service and saves you money.

A vehicle includes hundreds of small components and wires. The check engine light could have been triggered because of a slight issue with any one of these cables. Our procedure finds and repairs the root of the trouble, rather than charging you for expensive repairs that won't necessarily solve the main issue.

Christian Brothers Automotive will never sell you a car part you don't need. We are a competent and trustworthy auto repair shop. We aim to supply our consumers with sincere vehicle solutions at budget-friendly rates.

When your automobile's check engine light turns on, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Mission Bend at (832) 730-2818 or visit us at:
7051 Addicks Clodine Rd
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