Winterizing Your Car in the Lone Star State

CBAC Woodway Winterizing

You wouldn’t typically think of Texas drivers talking about winterizing their car. Certainly, we’re not expecting the bitter, cold-weather road conditions the Northern states are, but the approaching winter is still a good time to get that car into shape with maintenance and repairs. At Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway in Waco, Texas, our ASE-certified technicians can help you do just that, ensuring your car is road ready for travel and the holiday season.

Flush and Refill Your Antifreeze

Car coolant, or antifreeze, is stored in your radiator. It is mostly used to prevent the engine from freezing or overheating, but it also protects against corrosion in the radiator and engine. Warm fluid also circulates from the engine through the heater and defroster. The defroster helps clear condensation from the windshield.

Antifreeze needs to be stirred into a very exact ratio with water. If the antifreeze is mixed with incorrect proportions, your car engine may overheat.

Check Your Battery’s Strength

Though it won’t be freezing, your car battery may still suffer with slight dips in temperature, especially if it’s already weak. Batteries all reach the end of their life at some point, but it’s much better to replace the battery before it quits on you while you’re on the road. When you take your car in for service, a qualified technician at your local Waco, Texas auto repair shop can take a look at the battery connections, and test your battery. When it gets chilly, poor connections or a weak battery can’t supply sufficient power to start a vehicle.

Replace the Windshield Wipers

The rubber on the wiper blades can deteriorate quickly, especially if your car is usually parked outdoors. If your wiper blades smear water across the glass, you know it’s time for a fresh set. It’s also wise to keep your car stocked with ample wiper fluid. The fluid will coat the windshield and make it easier for the wipers to do their job.

Routine Maintenance in Waco, Texas

At our Woodway auto repair shop, our technicians will answer any questions you have regarding regular maintenance for your car. For quality auto repair services and attentive customer service, you won’t find a better shop than ours in Woodway, TX. Nearly all of our services are backed with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty and we give all of our customers a courtesy inspection. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Waco, Texas to make an appointment for your vehicle’s maintenance needs!