Winterize Your Car by Following These Five Tips

There isn't much fun about winter driving in Knoxville. Since there is no way to stop snow from falling, please follow these tips to prepare yourself.

1. Refill Your Engine Coolant

Engine coolant performs the essential task of keeping your vehicle from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter. It's a good rule of thumb to monitor your coolant levels to make sure you have the right fluid amounts. When it needs to be replenished, make sure you use the right type of coolant and fill it to the proper level.

2. Inspect Your Tires

Autumn is a great opportunity to inspect your tires and make sure that they are ready to handle driving in winter. If they have seen better days, you may want to consider new tires and, if Knoxville is expected to have a snowy winter, snow tires could be the right choice. In addition, make sure you check your tire pressure regularly.

3. Check Your Wipers & Wiper Fluid

It is very dangerous to drive through a winter storm without a working pair of windshield wipers. The easiest way to tell if you need new wipers is if your current blades are streaking, squeaking, or skipping when in use. While you are at it, check your wiper fluid level to ensure you can keep your windshield clean and clear all winter long.

4. Replace Your Batteries

Winter is a rough time for batteries, especially if they are more than a few years old. Inspect your battery for signs of corrosion or other wear and tear. If you need a new battery, you may be able to find discount prices during the fall.

5. Prepare An Emergency Kit

Make sure you're prepared if your car breaks down this winter. Assemble an emergency kit that contains jumper cables, a flashlight, a few tools, warm clothes, a blanket, extra coolant and oil, and a small shovel. You'll also want to make sure you fill your spare tire with air and keep plenty of gas in your tank.

Following these tips won't prevent every problem that can arise while driving in the winter, but they will reduce the problems you may experience. For additional advice and maintenance services, stop by Christian Brothers in Knoxville. Our staff is committed to your safety as you head out on the roads this winter.