Why You Should Remove Your Snow Tires

Your attire isn't the only thing that you need to change now that spring has arrived. You shouldn't be using snow tires in warm weather. Read below to learn about this process and understand what you need to do.

About Snow Tires

We all know that driving in the snow presents unique challenges that can make drivers scared and add time to any trip, and this presents dangerous conditions. While winter tires don't remove these challenges entirely, they can make them easier to overcome. Winter tires have distinct tread patterns and softer rubber, which leads to better traction in snowy conditions.

The Process of Switching Tires

In warmer temperatures, snow tires do not provide the same advantages. Actually, you will probably save money over time by changing your tires for the appropriate season.

Remember the flexible rubber we talked about in the previous section? It often wears down faster in warmer temperatures. So if you choose to leave your winter tires on your vehicle after the snow is out of the forecast, you'll end up buying new tires sooner.