When to Take Off Your Winter Tires

Spring is known for being a season of change. Gray clouds make way for blue skies. People start spending more time outdoors. And best of all, people just seem a bit happier when winter ends and summer begins.

If you have snow tires on your Tulsa vehicle, there's at least one more change in store for you. Make sure you know which tires you have on your vehicle to get optimal performance and value.

What Are Snow Tires?

Few people enjoy driving in snow. It's stressful, difficult, and, sometimes dangerous. While snow tires don't remove these challenges entirely, they can make them much more tolerable. Snow tires have distinct tread and softer rubber, which leads to better traction on snowy roads.

The Process of Switching Tires

In warmer temperatures, winter tires do not provide the same benefits. In fact, you will likely save money in the long run by changing your tires for the appropriate season.

Remember the flexible rubber we talked about in the previous section? It often wears down faster in warmer temperatures. This means you'll be buying new tires sooner if you don't switch out your snow tires.