When to Remove Your Winter Tires

Change happens all around us during spring time. Skies turn from gray to blue. Gardening replaces shoveling snow on the list of chores. And on top of all that, we just seem a bit happier when summer begins.

If you have snow tires on your vehicle in Norman, there is at least one other change in store for you. It's important to know which tires you have and when you need to make a switch.

What Are Winter Tires?

Everyone knows that driving in the snow leads to unique challenges that can make drivers feel stressed, add time to any commute, and present dangerous conditions. Using snow tires can make these problems easier to overcome. Winter tires have unique tread and softer rubber, which leads to better grip and traction on snowy roads.

Swapping Your Winter Tires

While winter tires are ideal for driving in the snow, they are less than ideal for driving in warmer weather. Ensuring that your tires are properly suited to the weather might actually save you more money than just owning one set.

In warmer temperatures, the flexible rubber used to make snow tires will wear down quickly. So if you choose to leave your winter tires on your vehicle after winter ends, you'll end up buying new tires sooner.

Norman Tire Specialists

Make sure to switch from your winter tires to all-season tires as soon as the threat of major snow storms ends. Our experts Christian Brothers Automotivecan take care of this job for you. For any additional questions about this process, our technicians in Norman will be more than happy to answer them.