Switching Snow Tires For All-Season Tires

Change happens all around us during spring. Gray clouds give way to blue skies. People start spending more time outdoors. And best of all, people just seem a bit happier when winter ends.

This new season also means that changes are in store for your vehicle in Lubbock, especially if you have winter, or snow, tires. Know which tires you have on your vehicle to get optimal performance and value.

What Are Snow Tires?

Everyone knows that driving in the snow presents unique challenges that can make drivers scared, add time to any commute, and present very real dangers. Using snow tires can make these problems easier to manager. Winter tires have distinct tread and softer rubber, which leads to better grip and traction on snowy roads. This makes stopping and steering easier, while also reducing the chances of your car's getting stuck.

The Process of Switching Tires

In warmer temperatures, winter tires do not provide the similar benefits. Ensuring that your tires are properly suited to weather conditions may actually save you more money than just owning one set.

Remember the flexible rubber we talked about in the previous section? It tends to wear down faster in warmer temperatures. So if you decide to leave your winter tires on your vehicle after winter ends, you'll end up buying new tires sooner.

Lubbock Tire Specialists

After the potential for major snow storms has passed for the year, replace your snow tires with summer or all-season tires. The team at Christian Brothers Automotive can take care of this job for you. For any questions about your winter tires or our service, come visit us today.