Swapping Snow Tires For All-Season Tires

Springtime is known for being a time of change. Skies turn from gray to blue. Instead of shoveling snow, we plant flowers. Best of all, people just seem a bit happier when summer begins.

If you have snow tires on your Katy vehicle, there is at least one more change in store. Make sure you know which tires you have on your vehicle to get optimal performance and value.

The Basics of Snow Tires

Few people enjoy driving in the snow. It's scary, challenging, and, sometimes dangerous. While snow tires don't remove these issues entirely, they can even the playing field. Winter tires have unique tread and softer rubber, which leads to better traction in snowy conditions. This makes stopping and steering easier, along with reducing the possibility of your car getting stuck.

The Process of Switching Tires

In warmer weather, winter tires do not provide the same benefits. In fact, you will probably save money in the long run by matching your tires to the appropriate weather conditions.

In warmer temperatures, the flexible rubber used to make snow tires will wear down quickly. This means you will be purchasing new tires sooner if you don't switch out your winter tires.