Small Auto Repairs Make a Huge Difference

Small Auto Repairs Make a Huge Difference

CBAC auto repairs Rufe SnowDriving is expensive. The cost of your car, car insurance, gas, and maintenance can really add up. We all wish we could drive our cars forever without worrying about things such as an oil change. However, it’s in every driver’s best interest to take care of their vehicle so it can stay on the road for as long as possible. That’s where routine maintenance for your car or truck comes in handy. A little now will save you a lot in the future.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Rufe Snow near North Richland Hills, our automotive experts make it easy for you to keep your vehicle running like new. Check out this list of three small auto repairs that will have your car humming like a songbird.

Swap Out the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs might be tiny, but they have a huge impact on the daily operation of the vehicle. With spark plugs, there wouldn’t be a spark to start the ignition. They also help your engine maintain power as you’re driving. Old spark plugs that have buildup on them will start causing problems with cold starting and even engine performance. No one wants to waste gas! So, have your spark plugs checked regularly and replace when they need it.

Oil Changes are Your Best Friend

Getting an oil change every couple months is easy at our North Richland Hills auto repair center. Simply schedule a convenient time for service and relax in our comfortable waiting area! Your car will thank you, too. New, clean oil will lubricate your engine and protect it. The oil ensures every component keeps operating in sync. Grimy, dirty oil will damage your engine if it’s not replaced.

Engine Air Filter Replacements

It may be a tricky task to check the condition of your air filter, depending on your vehicle and where the filter is located. The owner’s manual will provide a mileage estimate on when you should clean or replace the filter. If drive in the city or heavy traffic it will need to be replaced more often! Make sure your engine air intake filter and (when applicable) cabin air filter are both assessed with every scheduled service.

Next time you’re scheduling a maintenance service for your car or truck, don’t forget to have the auto shop check your spark plugs, engine oil, and air filters. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Rufe Snow near North Richland Hills, Texas, for your routine maintenance needs! We’ll show you the nice difference.