Signs You Need New Tires

Every time you drive, it takes a toll on your tires. You don’t need to worry; this doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver. Just like all of our material possessions in life, tires get old and worn out with every use. Tires are an expensive investment, but they are an absolutely crucial necessity when it comes to safe driving. At Christian Brothers Automotive, our customers’ safety is first priority, which is why we’ve come up with five signs for you to be aware of when it comes to replacing tires.

  1. Tread depth: Your tires’ tread should never go under 1/16 of an inch, especially if you frequently drive on slick, wet sur Take a penny and insert it into the tread. If Lincoln’s head is visible, your tread is too low and it’s time to get new tires.
  2. Sidewall cracks: Check for cracks or cuts in your tires’ sidewall that are distinct enough to be visible to the naked eye. This is a sign that your tire is starting to leak or even going to blow out, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. When the sidewall cracks are serious, visit an automotive shop like Christian Brothers for a new set of tires.
  3. Bulges and blisters: The outer surface of your tire can weaken as well, resulting in blisters that extend outward. These weak spots can cause instant blow outs, so when you see them you should immediately take your car into the service center for a tire replacement.
  4. Too much vibration: Vibrations are inevitable when driving, but too much vibration is a sign of trouble. Internal problems in your tires can cause these frequent vibrations, along with various other factors. However, it’s smart to have your tires checked just to be safe.
  5. Pressure: The pressure of tires can drop in extreme cold and build excessive heat during the summer. When you drive on an underinflated tire, it generates more heat and wears out faster. Don’t risk driving on underinflated tires that might blow out.

When you visit Christian Brothers Automotive, we guarantee that experienced repair technicians will help you with any problems you’re experiencing with your tires. Whether you need a tire rotation, tire pressure check, or new tires altogether, we can help you out. To learn more about our services, call us at 855-866-9222 or schedule your vehicle for drop off on our website.