Signs You Need a Tire Rotation

Signs You Need a Tire Rotation

CBA101Florida drivers generally know that having your tires rotated is important. What they struggle with more often knows exactly when that tire rotation needs to be done. To help you out, the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont are sharing some of the signs that warn you a tire rotation is needed.

Uneven Wear

Drivers will usually notice uneven tire wear before anything else. When any tire shows more wear and tear than the others, you should schedule a tire rotation. Since the front tires bare most of the engine weight, need to direct the car through turns and handle more braking, it’s completely normal for them to wear out faster.

Tire Noise and Vibration

Yet another major indicator for tire rotation is increased vibration and noise as you drive. Vibrations will probably be noticeable throughout the vehicle, but they’ll be the strongest in the steering wheel. When tread is worn very unevenly, you may even notice the vehicle shaking or swaying. Usually swaying happens at lower speeds while shaking is apparent at higher speeds.

Losing Pressure

Tread begins to wear unevenly if the tire is being subjected to increased pressure. So it’s probably time to get the tires rotated if one of your tires has less air pressure for no apparent reason.

If these signs have been part of your daily drive, it’s time to visit your friendly auto experts in Clermont, FL. Our ASE-certified technicians go beyond the traditional tire rotation service by checking to make sure all your tires are in good condition before rotating them. In addition, we can swap out a full-size spare tire if you wish to put it into the rotation, just let us know, and we will gladly use it to replace the most worn tire.

Schedule your tire rotation at Christian Brother Automotive in Clermont, Florida today. Discover the nice difference.