Replacing Your Windshield Wipers to Stay Safe

While windshield wipers are certainly not the most interesting part of a car, they are certainly one of the most essential when it comes to safety. Whether you’re driving in heavy rain or snow, or simply need to clean off dirt and dead bugs, wipers ensure that you can always see where you’re going and what other cars are doing on the road. When wiper blades start to work inefficiently, they create streaks and splotches, making it difficult to see out of the windshield. If this starts to happen, you should immediately replace your wipers so you and your passengers can stay safe.

As the experts in car repairs and services, Christian Brothers Automotive is here to provide you with a few helpful tips about windshield wipers. This way, you can stay safe in your car because you’ll know when to get a new set of wipers.

Signs that you need new wiper blades:

  • Ineffectiveness in rainy or snowy weather
  • Marks or splotches on your windshield
  • Noisy sounds while operating
  • Splits, gouges, jagged edges or discolored rubber
  • Imperfections in the wipe pattern
  • Occasional sticking to the windshield
  • Change in effectiveness after winter ends

Windshield wiper arms have an average lifespan of two to three years, which doesn’t account for intense weather conditions like heavy snow and rain. If you live somewhere with severely inclement weather for several months of the year, you should replace the rubber part of the wiper approximately once a year. Remember that every time the wiper passes across your windshield, the rubber slowly begins to deteriorate.

It’s important not to overwork windshield wipers by keeping your car and blades free of residue buildup. If there are tough stains or ice on the windshield, remove them by hand or with a scraper.

When you go to replace wipers, always go for rubber instead of silicone. Rubber does not last as long as silicone, but it will clean much more efficiently. Also keep in mind that flat wiper blades are quieter and more aerodynamic, since they do not use a metal frame.

If you want a high-quality windshield wiper replacement performed by an experienced, friendly technician, visit Christian Brothers Automotive. Once we’ve discussed the problem and the cost with you, we’ll always give you the final say. Call us today at 855-866-9222 to learn more about our company, or schedule your vehicle for drop off online.