Pre-Purchase Inspection

Before acquiring a used automobile, schedule a pre-purchase inspection from Christian Brothers Automotive in Brandon. Do you like saving cash? Buying a previously owned vehicle is a great way to save some additional money, but beware. You might currently know that it’s important to ask the dealer for the Carfax report when your searching for a previously owned automobile, however too much faith is frequently placed in reports like these. Previously owned car reports, like Carfax, frequently put more emphasis on a vehicle’s past and what it has been through, when alternatively it’s more important to know the vehicle’s existing value.

It’s good to have an understanding of the automobile’s complete past before buying it, however these documents have nothing to say about the automobile’s existing and future condition. Some people assume that they are getting a bargain on an automobile simply because it drives well on the lot, but even if an automobile’s exterior and interior seem to be in good condition, doesn’t necessarily mean that the parts beneath the hood are the same. Specifically, how do the belts look? How much longer do you anticipate the engine mounts to last? You must have the ability to answer these questions when you are considering any type of previously owned vehicle. Christian Brothers Automotive can help you with responding to these specific concerns and more through a pre-purchase inspection.

Before acquiring a previously owned automobile, particularly one without a service warranty, have Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE-certified specialists analyze the automobile for you. If they see any signs that it will need future repairs, they will definitely let you know. Our procedure of pre-purchase inspection can place you in a better position to negotiate and can shield you from making a bad investment.

Christian Brothers Automotive’s pre-purchase inspection is a quick and simple method to ensure that you are acquiring a secure and dependable automobile for your family. Call our location near Ace Golf today to arrange a pre-purchase inspection at (813) 699-3197, or come see us at:

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