Overlooked Vehicle Services

We know that getting your car serviced is probably something you don’t think about often. Life gets busy and as humans, we usually only care about vehicle maintenance if something is actively causing problems. While there are common scheduled services throughout the year like oil changes and tire rotations, there are other important services that we often overlook.

From the experts at Christian Brothers Automotive, here are 10 often overlooked services that could extend the life of your vehicle:

  1. Power Steering Service
    Power steering fluid becomes dirty as it builds up moisture over time. Cleaning your power steering system will remove dirt and gum and protect the steering parts from corrosion.
  2. Wheel Alignment
    When wheels are out of alignment, it pulls your car to one side. This is not only dangerous, but it also causes your tires to wear out faster, costing you more money. We recommend checking your alignment twice a year.
  3. Differential Service
    Differentials, or gear boxes, are part of the drive-train that transfers power from the engine to your wheels. Though you don’t need this service often, it shouldn’t be ignored.
  4. Cabin Air Filter
    Cabin air filters clean the air in the passenger area, filtering out dust and pollen. When they aren’t changed enough, air filters start to smell. Change them on schedule so you can maintain fresh, clean air and help reduce allergy symptoms.
  5. Timing Belt Replacement
    Your car won’t run without a timing belt and if it happens to break while you’re driving it can do serious, expensive damage to your engine. Typically, you should look into replacing the belt when you approach 60,000 miles.
  6. Transmission Service
    Transmission needs clean fluid every now and then to keep running effectively and avoid costly future repairs. This will also improve your fuel economy.
  7. Air Conditioning Service
    Regular air conditioning service adds clean refrigerant to your system, which cools and lubricates your air conditioner and also conditions the seals. Doing this regularly will help you avoid a completely broken system.
  8. Brake Fluid Service
    Brake fluid gets a lot of water in it over time, and since water compresses differently than the fluid, your breaks won’t work as well. Water can also rust the brake system and lead to complete brake failure.
  9. Coolant System
    If you don’t regularly change your antifreeze, it will become corrosive. The additives in fresh coolant maintain the pH balance of the liquid. When these wear out, the fluid in the radiator can eat holes in the radiator or hoses.
  10. Fuel System Cleaning
    Thoroughly cleaning your fuel system keeps gas flowing into the engine. You also need to clean your fuel injectors because they build up residue over time. A clean fuel system will save you money by helping your fuel economy.