Low Gas Prices and Wintertime

If you're going to drive this holidays, you're fortunate! Gas prices have dropped due to the low cost of crude, and the trend is likely to continue through the season.

Around 46 million travelers will be in cars for holiday travel by the end of 2014, according to the AAA. That's up 4 percent over last year. The big news, though, is that gas costs will be about 46 cents less per gallon than a year ago. Prices haven't been any lower since 2009.

You could even get to spend more on other Christmas items, but finance experts think that higher retail prices could hamper that. Regardless, you can still drive more on your fuel budget than you probably expected.

If you will be driving at all, however, the car care experts at Christian Brothers in Kansas City, MO recommend performing a wintertime auto checkup first. The more you drive, your risk of running into snowy conditions goes up, making this especially important.

If you stop in, we will help with the following:

  • Flush and clean the antifreeze and cooling systems
  • Check the headlamps for winter driving conditions
  • Get “winter weight” oil
  • Kick those tires and check tread
  • Check your automobile's schedule for things such as spark plug replacement and do it early
  • Make sure the heater and your car's engine thermostat are working properly
  • Check for health-threatening carbon monoxide leaks
  • Doublecheck the brakes
  • Check the alternator, starter and battery

You should also do things such as stocking the car with emergency food, clothing and tools. one more tip: never run on an empty tank to prevent frozen fuel lines.