How to Select New Brakes

It’s time to bring out the convertibles, but don’t go heavy on the right pedal and ignore its opposite. In fact, before you even get to second gear, you will probably push the brake pedal. If yours are in need of repair, you could have some things to consider.

Your brakes might work for up to 50,000 miles. Top pad manufacturers use metallic, organic or ceramic material to make the replacement brake pads. The brake pads squeeze the rotor on your wheel, forcing it and the automobile itself to stop.

After your new vehicle has ground through its first set of manufacturer pads, it needs replacement ones. You will also have options performance level. Get more information about your brake pad replacement below. Take into consideration livability issues like noise and dust plus stopping power.

First, consider materials. If you’re a fast driver or brake slammer, the semi-metallic alternatives might be best. You don’t have to worry much about brake fade because of their heat resistance. Watch out for a lot of unwanted sound and black dust on the rotor. At Christian Brothers of Corinth, our talented team members don’t prefer these for average cars.

Now for brake pads made of organic material. The best for noise and dust control, they’re not the best for stopping power.

Next, replacement pads in ceramic. These have become a top choice since asbestos pads were found out to be dangerous, and a good choice for most cars. They are great at dealing with a variety of heat situations, so are as good after a long braking session as they are when you first put them on. They also wear well, so you don’t have to have them replaced too often. Beyond that, their dust isn’t obvious. Watch out for the hottest conditions, though.

Next we can discuss how they’re made. The main difference between the original manufacturer’s brake pads and aftermarket varieties is glue vs. molding. Your original pads were molded to the shim.

Discount ones adhere with glue. You can get fissures, cracks, and uneven wear.

We would love to explain all the ins and outs. We encourage you to schedule a visit.