Get Your AC System Ready for the Summer Heat

Don’t wait for too long to have your car’s AC repaired. It won’t be long before temperatures in Loveland hit scorching levels and you don’t want to face this without an operational AC. Let the team at Christian Brothers help with this through comprehensive auto AC system inspections and repairs.

The three areas below are commonly involved with AC repairs in cars:

Air Filters

Dirty air filters can reduce the air flow from your AC system. Luckily, you can replace your filter in minutes and without spending a lot of money. We’ll have your specific air filter in stock and handle the replacement for you.


If your cooling fluid levels are too high, it may stop your AC from producing cold air. Insufficient fluid could ruin the system completely. Our ASE-certified technicians will ensure that your fluid levels are in the ideal spot. It may also be necessary to flush your system, which means replacing old acidic fluid with new fluid.


As your system gets older, it can begin leaking. If this is an issue with your car, we’ll find and repair any leaks to restore your system’s functionality.

Loveland AC Specialists

For high-quality Loveland AC repairs, you can count on us for projects of all sizes. We’ll do what is necessary to ensure your travels are as comfortable as possible even when the weather gets crazy hot.