Certified Mechanics at Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers employs mechanics certified by ASE for our Katy customers. What does ASE stand for? What does this mean for you and your car? In this blog, we will address these questions and others.

What is ASE?

ASE stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This organization tests and certifies individual automotive technicians.

How do technicians become certified by ASE?

From working on hybrid cars to auto parts, there are over 40 unique ASE certification tests. Applicants must pass at least one of these tests and have two years of related work experience to gain ASE certification. Anyone who completes more than one test will be given Master status. To make sure certified technicians stay current with changes in the industry, ASE mandates that they retake their tests every five years to maintain that status.

What are the tests like?

The test are written by a group of manufacturers, educators, working technicians, and executives in the automotive industry. Most people take about two hours to finish an exam. Only two of every three people who take one of these tests pass on the first attempt.

Why should you care about ASE certification?

By selecting mechanics who are ASE-Certified, your car will be in the hands of professionals who are both knowledgeable and experienced. When you have your car maintained, make sure to look for this designation.

Christian Brothers & ASE Certification

When you bring your car to Christian Brothers, the work will be done or supervised by ASE-Certified or Master Level ASE-Certified technicians. Our trained mechanics will handle everything your car needs, from AC repairs to tire rotations.