Auto AC Repairs From Christian Brothers

You can’t wait until it is too late to fix a broken AC system. You’ll want your car’s AC to be working for you instead of against you when Katy temperatures reach their yearly highs. Bring your vehicle to our Katy shop for a professional AC system analysis, followed by the necessary repairs to get your system where it needs to be.

The three areas below are commonly involved with AC repairs in cars:

Air Filters

Clogged air filters have a way of reducing the air from your AC system. Fortunately, you can replace your filter quite quickly and without spending a lot of money. If you don’t want the trouble of doing this job on your own, bring your vehicle into our shop and we will do it for you.


Maintaining proper fluid levels can be tough to manage. Too much fluid can keep the system from producing cold air, while not enough fluid can ruin it. We’ll get your levels in the perfect spot. Additionally, we may offer a coolant flush to remove old fluid, which can become acidic, and replace it with something new. This will extend the usability of your system.


As vehicles get older, their cooling systems can start leaking. We’ll find and repair any leaks.

AC Repair in Katy, TX

Whether your project is limited to a smaller task listed above or something more time-consuming, Christian Brothers repair shop can take care of it for you. When the temperatures are miserable, your professional AC repairs from Christian Brothers will keep you and your family cool and comfortable.