Understanding the True Purpose of the Oil Filter

Understanding the True Purpose of the Oil Filter

Mechanics talking about oil filterEveryone knows that oil changes are essential to taking care of your motor. Did you know the oil filter also has an important role in your vehicle? Without the oil filter your engine wouldn’t last very long. That’s why we change your oil filter when we change the oil itself. Today the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs are going to share with you some surprising ways the oil filter helps your car run smoothly.

The Oil Filter’s Function

The purpose of engine oil is to lubricate all of the moving pieces under the hood that create the energy for your car to move on the road. In addition to preventing metal components from damaging each other, the lubrication also deters overheating. This lubrication greatly increases the life of your engine and makes sure every component works together properly. The oil filter helps the oil achieve this.

In order for the oil to do its job properly, it must be clean. This is where the filter does its job. It keeps out debris, dirt, and other particles that would otherwise contaminate the oil. A clean oil filter means cleaner oil. Cleaner oil means your car will run that much better.

Oil Filter Types

Not enough people give the oil filter enough credit for prolonging the life of your vehicle. That’s why you’ll never drive a car without one! There are two different types of oil filters you should be aware of. The first type is a small canister that can be removed and installed easily. The second oil filter type is more involved to change out. It has a separate filter that is installed in the cap of the filter housing. No matter which one your car uses, it will keep your oil clean.

The next time you get your oil changed at your local Sandy Springs auto repair shop, make sure to ask your mechanic about the oil filter. Not only do you want to make sure it’s changed, but they can also tell you about it’s condition to give you insight about how long your oil is lasting. Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs and schedule your first oil change of the new year.