The Most Common Auto Repair Problems to Avoid

The Most Common Auto Repair Problems to Avoid

CBA_130407_401Avoiding car accidents is something we’d all like to do, but regardless of how careful we are car accidents happen every day. Distracted and reckless driving may cause a lot of accidents, but the condition of your vehicle is also a factor. At Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights, we give all our customers a courtesy inspection so that we can catch common auto repair problems before they cause an accident or breakdown.

Worn Brakes

Worn out brakes are dangerous not only to you, but also any other San Antonio drivers on the road. Luckily, brakes that don’t function properly give you a number of indicators. This includes squealing sounds, increases in stopping distance and even shaking when you step on the brake pedal. Checking the condition of your brake fluid, pads, and rotors is just one part of our courtesy inspection.

Poor Tire Condition

Good tire condition is essential to safe driving. If anything goes wrong while you’re driving, such as a blow out, you’ll lose control of your vehicle. This could cause you to collide with another car. As part of our courtesy inspection, we make sure your tires are in good shape. We make sure the tires are properly aligned, inflated, and that they have sufficient tread.

Headlights and Taillights

If you’ve ever had a headlight go out, you know how much visibility you lose at night. But many drivers can’t tell when their taillight goes out. It’s pretty understandable considering drivers can’t see the back of their car, but it can be dangerous. Without taillights, it’s difficult for drivers to see your vehicle braking at night or during inclement weather.

We cover these parts of the vehicle and more during our courtesy inspections. To find out more about the courtesy inspection and our services please contact us today by calling Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas! See the nice difference.