3 Signs Your Exhaust System Needs Repair

3 Signs Your Exhaust System Needs Repair

CBAC Exhaust WPNo one doubts the importance of a car’s exhaust system. Without every piece of it working properly, we would all be inhaling dangerous fumes. That’s why today, the automotive repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury are sharing the 3 signs your exhaust system needs repair.

  1. Vibrations

    Strange vibrations coming from your steering wheel or gas pedal are pretty good signs that your exhaust system is in need of repair. If it’s bad enough, your whole car may be shaking. These vibrations pose a real threat to not only your car’s health but also your own because they can alter your ability to control the vehicle with precision.

  2. Increased Engine Noise

    The first noticeable sign of an exhaust leak is usually an increase in engine noise. An exhaust leak is most likely in your system’s manifold or anywhere there are joints along the exhaust system. If the leak is in the manifold, not only will your engine’s volume increase, but toxic fumes could enter the passenger cabin. That is a serious issue that you need to get repaired immediately, and our local Granbury auto repair experts can help!

  3. Exhaust Smoke

    Everyone knows a smoking car is never good, but few people know what that different colors of smoke have different meanings. Blue/gray exhaust smoke is an indication of oil burning in the combustion chamber. This could be caused by valve seals, valve guides, piston rings, worn cylinder walls or the PCV system. Black smoke means there is a rich fuel condition, which could be caused by fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator and the fuel return line. Finally, if the smoke coming out of your exhaust system is white/gray, then you may have coolant burning in the combustion chamber. Meaning that either your cylinder head, engine block or head gasket are cracked or damaged.

    1. Exhaust systems use a lot of technology to make sure your car is running smoothly and isn’t harming the environment. However, with all that technology, a lot of things can go wrong. But don’t worry because the ASE-certified at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas are here to help. Schedule your exhaust system service today and see the nice difference.