Why is Getting a Tire Rotation Important?

Why is Getting a Tire Rotation Important?

C057Everyone knows tires are extremely important and that they must be properly cared for, but a lot of people forget to have their tires rotated. Today, the auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury are going to explain why getting a tire rotation is so important.

Tires Don’t Wear Evenly

It’s no surprise that a vehicle’s tires don’t wear evenly. The amount of wear on the tire’s tread all depends on its placement and whether your car is a rear, front or all-wheel drive. Your tires will also wear unevenly if they are out of alignment.

Rotating Extends the Life of Your Tires

By switching where your tires are placed on the vehicle, you’re able to get thousands of extra miles out of your tires. This is because they aren’t constantly being worn in the same areas. That means you’ll also save money because you don’t have to buy new tires as often.

Improves Vehicle Performance

When you change the placement of your tires, you’re exposing unused areas of the tires to the road. This previously unused area on the tires has grip or better traction which will also help to improve your car’s gas mileage.

Granbury Tire Rotation

It comes as no surprise that maintaining a consistent tire rotation schedule is very crucial to the safety of your vehicle and, most importantly, the safety of your family. If you’re in need of a tire rotation, contact the friendly auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Granbury, Texas. See the nice difference.