How To Check Your Car Before a Road Trip

How To Check Your Car Before a Road Trip

Road Trip Auto RepairThe car is packed and ready to go. Now you just have a long car ride ahead of you until your reach your summer vacation destination. Is your car ready for the trip? Neglecting to check your vehicle for wear and tear before an amazing road trip can get you into trouble on the road. No one wants to be frustrated on the side of the road instead of relaxing on a beach or taking in the beautiful sights. At Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury in Texas, we don’t want anything to get in your way this summer. Our ASE-certified technicians can help you determine if your car is road-ready for all of your summer adventures.

Flush the Radiator

Coolant doesn’t last forever and chances are your vehicle will need it to regulate engine temperature in the Texas heat. Overtime, old coolant will even breakdown and corrode the radiator. It’s never a bad idea to flush the radiator once a year to make sure your car can take the heat!

Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter is typically replaced twice a year. It’s easy to remember if you have it changed at the start of summer. The filter stops contaminants in the air from getting to your engine. It stops debris such as dust, dirt and even leaves before they cause any damage.

Check Your Battery

A number of car battery issues can arise when summer hits. You may have build up on the posts from the winter months that needs to be cleared. Heat can also cause the battery fluid to evaporate. To make sure you won’t have any starting problems this summer get your battery tested by our professionals in Granbury, TX.

Summer is the season to get outside and enjoy the outdoors! You shouldn’t be stuck on the road or in traffic with automotive issues. At Christian Brothers Automotive Granbury our friendly staff can help you avoid these car problems and more. Give us a call at our auto repair center in Granbury, Texas today and see the nice difference in auto repair!