Small Maintenance Repairs Make a Huge Difference

Small Maintenance Repairs Make a Huge Difference

CBAC-oil-changeBetween the cost of your vehicle, auto insurance, gas, and maintenance, driving can get pretty expensive. While we all wish we could just keep driving our cars without ever needing to worry about things like oil changes, we know it isn’t possible if we want to keep our vehicles running smoothly. It’s in every driver’s best interest to take care of routine maintenance, and it can help you save a lot in the future.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, NC, our automotive experts strive to make it simple for you to keep your car ready to drive. Check out this list of three small maintenance repairs that will have your car humming like a songbird for as long as possible.

Swap Out the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs might be tiny, but that doesn’t make them any less integral to the daily operation of the vehicle. Your car needs spark plugs to provide the spark that starts the ignition. They also help your engine maintain power as you’re driving. As spark plugs age, they become covered in buildup, leading to various problems with cold starting and engine performance, wasting gas. To stop this from happening, make sure your spark plugs are checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Oil Changes are Your Best Friend

Oil changes every couple months is essential, and it’s super simple here at our Concord auto repair center. Just schedule a convenient time for service and relax in our comfortable waiting area while we do the rest! Your car will thank you, too. We’ll make sure your car has new, clean oil, helping the engine stay lubricated and protected. The oil is what keeps all the components running in sync and leaving grimy, dirty oil in the vehicle puts your engine at risk.

Engine Air Filter Replacements

Checking your vehicle’s air filter can be difficult, depending on what type you have and where the filter is located. Although there should be a mileage estimate for when it should be replaced in your owner’s manual, you may have to do so more frequently if you drive in dusty conditions or heavy traffic. Make sure your engine air intake filter and (when applicable) cabin air filter are both checked out whenever you take the car in for a scheduled service.

So the next time you’re scheduling a maintenance service for your car or truck, remember to have the auto shop check your spark plugs, engine oil, and air filters. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, North Carolina, for your routine maintenance needs! We’ll show you the nice difference.