3 Auto Repair Services to Expertly Maintain Your Vehicle

3 Auto Repair Services to Expertly Maintain Your Vehicle

CBAC Sandy Springs - Routine MaintenanceNearly all major car repairs come with indicators that something is about to go wrong, ranging from strange noises to worrisome vibrations. Small repairs and maintenance services, on the other hand, generally escape notice until it’s too late.

If you want to stay on top of many routine maintenance items, the owner’s manual can help with guidelines on mileage timeframes of when they should be completed. Our expert mechanics always suggest to drivers that they follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, have a list of the top three maintenance auto repair services we want all drivers to remember.

The Mighty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of those tiny components that play a key role in your vehicle. Whether it’s providing the ignition spark or helping with engine efficiency, spark plugs are the little helpers your car or truck relies on.

Issues with cold starting and fuel efficiency are some warning signs that the spark plugs may be worn out or covered in buildup. The good news is, spark plugs typically last a long time. However, you should make sure they are changed as the vehicle ages.

Oil Changes are Your Best Friend

Oil changes are definitely an inconvenience, but they are an absolute must! The oil is what keeps your engine protected and lubricated correctly, allowing the components to function in sync. When oil gets grimy or murky oil from not being changed, it will start to wear quickly on your vehicle.

Checking your oil at home is super simple! Most vehicles come equipped with a dipstick to check the oil level in comparison to the recommended level on the rod. The difficult part is making sure the oil is still good quality. At our local Sandy Springs auto repair center, not only will we change your oil, but we’ll also make sure other parts of your vehicle are in proper working order.

Engine Air Filter Replacements

It may be more difficult to check your engine air filter, depending on where it’s located under the hood. Your owner’s manual should give a mileage estimate on when to replace it, but it never hurts to check it periodically. Whenever it’s full of dirt or other debris from the road, you should have it change out immediately.

There are several factors that change how often the engine air intake filter needs to be replaced. For instance, driving in stop-and-go traffic and long commutes, get the filter dirtier quicker, mandating more frequent replacement than just driving on open country roads.

A Friendly, Convenient Georgia Auto Repair Shop

At Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs, we help Sandy Springs drivers stay on top of regular maintenance items and make servicing them very convenient. These routine auto repairs can make a big difference in the performance of your car and what repairs you’ll need down the road. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia to schedule your next automotive repair! See the nice difference.