Why Spark Plugs Are Important to Your Engine

Why Spark Plugs Are Important to Your Engine

CBAC Jan Engine Service 1Although they’re one of the tiniest parts in your car, spark plugs are absolutely crucial. If you didn’t have spark plugs, you’d have no way to speed up on the highway or even start up your vehicle. In fact, without the tiny spark plugs, your car would be utterly useless.

The ASE-certified experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson know spark plugs are essential to your engine. That’s why today, our expert technicians are sharing a bit of knowledge about what can happen if your spark plugs have become dirty or are ready to be replaced.

Trouble Starting Your Car

A large number of Tennessee drivers assume when their vehicle won’t start, the problem is either no gas or a battery fault. The problem could actually be the spark plugs are worn down or faulty. Faulty spark plugs quickly drain the battery. With these types of cases, both the spark plugs and the battery must be replaced as soon as possible.

Abnormally High Fuel Consumption

Another indication there may be a problem with the spark plugs is if you’re filling up your gas tank more frequently, even though your driving habits haven’t changed. With spark plugs that are worn out, you’ll see up to a 30 percent decrease in the fuel economy of your vehicle because of incomplete combustion.

Engine Misfires or Surges

You may notice your engine misfiring, which causes your car to halt for a fraction of a second and then continue at its usual speed. When this occurs, your car takes in more air than is normal or necessary during the combustion process. Your car could either slow down or even start and stop because of this. For either case, the spark plugs are the issue.

It is very clear that spark plugs are an essential component for the proper functioning of your engine and your safety. If you notice any signs of damaged or deteriorating spark plugs, it should never be ignored. Call the expert technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee to get your spark plugs changed and ensure your engine’s performance is always at its best! Schedule an appointment today and experience the nice difference.