How to Solve Brake Problems Like a Pro

How to Solve Brake Problems Like a Pro

CBAC Jackson Brake ProblemsBrakes are a very important part of your vehicle and they undergo a lot of wear as you drive. Jackson drivers who sit in a lot of stop-and-go traffic may wear down their brake pads faster than expected. Brakes are the one feature on your car that should always be working perfectly. Today, our team at Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee will teach you how to know when you need to repair or place your brakes.


While warped rotors are the leading cause of any vibration when you brake, the alignment of your tires also causes vibration. Brakes create a tremendous amount heat due to the friction. If you apply the brakes for a long period of time, such as when driving down a steep hill or towing, the heat can warp the rotors. In this case, replace or repair your rotors immediately to avoid further damage to the entire braking system.


When you hit the brakes, you may feel your vehicle veer either left or right. This is called pulling. Pulling indicates that the brake linings are wearing unevenly across your four tires or that your brake fluid is contaminated. The best ways to fix this problem are to have your brake fluid drained and replaced or a minor brake adjustment.


Do not confuse this sound with a high-pitched shrieking noise caused by the metal indicator that your brake pads are low. A loud, deep grinding or growling noise means you’ve worn down the pads completely. This noise is caused by the disc and caliper rubbing against each other. This usually means you’ll need to replace your pads and have your rotors serviced as soon as possible.

Reduced Responsiveness

Brakes require a hydraulic fluid and pumping system to create the force that stops your car. This fluid is simply called brake fluid. If you feel your pedal sink to the floorboard as your press on it, you could have a brake fluid leak. You may be able to identify the leak by looking for a puddle on the pavement where you park your car.

If you have any concerns about your brakes, bring your vehicle to our friendly auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson. We’ll check your brakes and make repair recommendations to keep you safe on the road. Experience the nice difference!