The Surprising Truth about Exhaust System Failures

The Surprising Truth about Exhaust System Failures

CBAC Exhaust WPIt may surprise many San Antonio drivers, but their vehicle’s exhaust system actually is made up of a variety of expensive components. This includes the catalytic converter, an oxygen sensor, perhaps even a 2-stage muffler and underbody sheet metal shields. In addition, there is piping that’s specifically created for each vehicle and may be made of premium metals.

So what holds everything together? Let our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights share some advice about exhaust system maintenance so everything can keep running properly.


For your exhaust system’s overall health, even a single broken hanger can be dangerous. When one hanger breaks, there’s increased pressure on the others. Furthermore, a broken hanger will cause the exhaust system to shift when the vehicle is driven. This, in turn, creates a type of whiplash effect that travels through the clamped and welded joints, which loosens them. If your exhaust system has a broken hanger, it needs replacement immediately by your San Antonio auto repair shop.

Exhaust Joints

Clamps and joints can be damaged when there’s a lot of movement in the exhaust system. Fortunately, cracked welded joints at a muffler or resonator joint can be replaced. In other cases, clamped joints may not be cracked, but are leaking exhaust fumes. In this case, exhaust pipe sealer can be applied to the affected area.

The Muffler

As you might expect, the muffler is primarily responsible for muffling the sound your exhaust system makes. San Antonio would be very noisy place if we all drove around without mufflers. If your car is making more noise than usual, you may be looking at a muffler problem.

Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas is committed to making sure your car is ready to perform and your automotive needs are taken care of. If you have any questions, please stop by our San Antonio auto repair center or give us a call. Schedule your exhaust system service today at Christian Brothers Automotive Alamo Heights.