Our Guide to Headlight Replacement

Our Guide to Headlight Replacement

Last month, we wrote an article that talked about the purpose and legality of blue headlights. While car enthusiasts in North Port enjoy stuff like this, the majority of our client base isn’t worried about headlamps, the official term for what most of us call headlights. All they want to know is what to do if they stop working. Today, we will share our expertise for choosing the appropriate headlamp bulb and how to replace it in your own garage.

headlight2Buying Your Headlamp Bulb

There are usually just a few ways of learning that your headlamp bulb needs replacement. Unless you regularly check your lights at home (which you should), it usually takes decreased visibility at night or a failed inspection. But no matter how it comes to your attention, you need to replace your headlamp quickly so you can drive safely.

To get started, figure out the bulb you need to swap. Have someone sit in the driver’s seat and turn the lights on and off while you stand in front of the car and take note. With the user manual as your guide, figure out if it is the low beams, high beams, or a bulb that does both.

Then you’ll need to write down the make, model, year, and engine type of your car. Take these details to an auto parts store or website to learn the type of headlamp bulb you need to buy. This is done via a numeric or alphanumeric identifier, which can also be found in your user manual.

Your next choice will be within the various levels of brightness and longevity. Brighter lights won’t last as long and those that last longer won’t be as bright.

Bulb Replacementheadlight1

Now that you have found the right bulb, you need to actually replace it. We can’t include that process here because it varies based on the specific vehicle involved. Check your user manual for a detailed process for your specific vehicle. We also recommend searching for instructional videos on YouTube.

Keep the following tips below in mind during your replacement:

      • Shut off your headlights and engine.
      • Wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes.
      • Do not touch the glass of the bulb, which will prevent premature wear.
      • Once the light is installed, operate your high and low beams to ensure they work properly.


      Assistance From Christian Brothers Automotive

      Don’t have the time to find the right bulb or replace it? Bring your car into our shop in North Port and we will do the job for you. With a full selection of bulbs available, we will take care of this switch and ensure your car is safe to drive throughout the night.