4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Power Steering System

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Power Steering System

CBAC Jackson Power SteeringThe ASE-certified technicians here at Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson are here to assist you with any power steering system problems while helping you avoid any more damage to your car. If the four simple steps below are followed, your power steering system will always be in good condition.

  1. Be aware of the power steering fluid level

The power steering fluid is necessary to the overall operation of the system. The fluid pump adds pressure so the fluid can apply the required amount of pressure to the piston. Most power steering issues exist due to a leak that has formed, resulting in low fluid levels. You may begin to notice that the steering wheel has become more difficult to steer.

  1. Have the high and low-pressure hoses checked

Power steering fluid is transported through two main hoses. One of the hoses adds high-pressure and the other returns it back to the fluid tank with low-pressure. It’s common for leaks to form in either of the two hoses. Thus they should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they don’t rub against one each other and that any protective coverings remain in tact.

  1. Change the filter

Some drivers don’t even know there’s a power steering fluid filter. The filter should be changed every year unless indicated differently in the owner’s manual. It’s necessary to always keep the fluid clean so that it flows freely to reduce the wear-and-tear on the pump. It’s surprising how many contaminants make their way into the fluid’s tank. It’s the filters job to keep the contaminants out and the fluid clean.

  1. Inspect the power steering fluid regularly

Keeping the filter changed on a regular basis in addition to keeping the fluid free from contaminants means higher quality fluid. The quality of the fluid is able to be determined from home by sampling and inspecting the color, while making sure there are no pieces of dirt, metal, grime or other pieces of debris. When the fluid is darker, the quality is a lot lower. When the fluid is dark and also has many particles and debris floating in it as well, that’s when you know it’s time for the fluid to be flushed out and replaced.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson in Tennessee, we will help you keep your vehicle serviced, so it stays in great condition for many years to come. The majority of our services are backed with a 2-year/24-mile Nice Difference warranty. Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Jackson to schedule your next power steering service check!