Three Winter Trip Check Tips

Three Winter Trip Check Tips

CBAC Sandy Springs Trip CheckNearly 95 million Americans are going to be traveling during this year’s holidays season. Inevitably, some of those people run into some major car issues along the way. Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs is here to help you prepare your vehicle for winter travel and make sure you don’t get sidelined during your holidays. A simple trip check will help you stay safe on winter roads. There are three things every driver should check before heading out on the road in order to have a safe and fun road-trip!

Responsive Brakes

There are three brake parts that are predominantly affected by the cold weather: brake fluid, brake booster and vacuum supply hose. If your brake fluid congeals because of the cold temperatures, your car will take longer to brake and air bubbles will show up in the fluid. If the brakes freeze up entirely, it probably means that condensation has built up in the booster or vacuum supply hose.

Battery Strength

If your car is having problems starting, it’s most likely because there’s a problem with the battery. Cold weather is hard on your battery, reducing its capacity to hold a charge. Your battery fluid could also freeze if it gets too cold. When this happens, the quickest way to get your car started is getting a jump-start from another car. However, the problem will likely persist until you get a new battery. All batteries die at some point, but it’s far better to get a replacement before you are stranded on the side of the road!

Tire Pressure and Tread

Your tires will probably lose 1 – 2 pounds of air pressure for every 10 degrees the temperature sinks. If you don’t add air to maintain the pressure, your tires will be significantly flatter and everything from your gas mileage to tire traction will suffer. Making sure you have sufficient tire tread to cope in inclement weather is also very important. Insufficient tread can lead to difficulties controlling your vehicle when driving on slippery roads. To make sure your car is safe to drive, you should make sure your tires have at least 1/8 inch of tread before getting on the road.

Drive Safely this Holiday Season

Well maintained brakes, sufficient tire tread, and a strong car battery are crucial to having a successful road trip. When you stop by our local auto repair shop in Sandy Springs, Georgia, our expert technicians will make sure your car is ready for any holiday adventure! We offer the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty on most of our services. So, before you get on the road, call for an appointment at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs today and see the nice difference!