How To Make Your Car Safe For The Holiday Season In Less Than 5 Minutes

One of the most important components of fall and winter driving safety is rarely discussed – your windshield wipers. In fact, did you know 90% of our ability to drive safely depends on our ability to see clearly?

A quick clean of your windshield wipers can greatly improve their performance in less than 5 minutes! By maintaining your car’s windshield wipers, you’re giving yourself the best chance at a comfortable, accident-free holiday season.

What is the windshield wiper system?

Your windshield wiper system is made of 4 parts:

  • Wiper motor and linkage
  • Wiper blades
  • Refill wiper arm
  • Washer fluid

The motor powers the blade, and the blade holds the refill, which is attached to the arm. The refill is the rubber squeegee, which physically wipes down your windshield. The arm is connected to the base and moves the wiper blade.

Finally, the windshield washer fluid is the liquid that shoots out of the hood to clean your windshield.

When to check your wiper blades

To maintain your wiper system, the wiper blades need to be cleaned about twice a month and the fluid should be refilled regularly. Because the refills need to be replaced twice a year, the beginning of the fall season is the perfect time to ask our ASE-certified technicians for a new set.

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures – especially the Deep South or far North – your rubber refills may need to be changed more frequently.

With every car wash, we recommend a blade check. Simply lift the wiper arm to check the refill. Make sure they’re not loose, cracked or worn. It may help to spray the washer fluid and turn on the wipers. If you see streaks or hear a screeching noise, the refills are worn down.

How to clean rubber wiper refills

Cleaning your rubber wiper refills is easy! Just pour some washer fluid onto a clean rag and gently wipe the refills along the edge touching the windshield glass. Make sure to lean your rear windshield wipers as well!

If your refills are worn down too far to properly clean, or it’s been more than 6 months since your last wiper blade replacement, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive auto repair shop to schedule a blade replacement.

The inconvenience of maintaining your windshield wiper system is well worth your safety.

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to prepare your car for holiday weather. Properly maintaining your windshield wipers is an easy way to keep every drive safe and clear.

Let the professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive handle your car service and notice the nice difference!