Scheduled Maintenance in Austin, TX 78748

Scheduled Maintenance in Austin

When it’s time for your automobile to receive scheduled maintenance, bring it into Christian Brothers Automotive in Austin, Texas 78748. Every make and model of vehicle is different, but they all require regular scheduled maintenance. Christian Brothers Automotive recommends that you get maintenance on your vehicle every 30,000 miles.

Maintenance Solutions

Oil Changes
Christian Brothers Automotive advises that you get an oil change every 3,000 miles. Fresh oil assists your automobile’s engine in operating effectively. It also decreases the need for future repairs.

Engine Flushes
If you have never had your fuel system cleaned, then your car is probably not running at peak performance. A Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician can cleanse your automobile’s engine, which will substantially increase your miles per gallon and safeguard your engine from unburned gas deposits.

Tire Rotation
Having your tires rotated will make them last longer and will give you a more balanced ride.

All of the vehicles that come into Christian Brothers Automotive undergo a Courtesy Inspection. Diagnosing your automotive problems early can ensure the safety of you and your car. Knowing what issues may arise with your vehicle can save you money because you will be more prepared. Keep in mind that maintenance on your vehicle is drastically more affordable than obtaining major vehicle repairs.

Is it time for your car to get scheduled maintenance? Call Christian Brothers Automotive at 512-920-6660, or drop by today. We are located near I-35 at:

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