Easy Ways to Increase Your Car's Fuel Economy and MPG

Easy Ways to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Economy and MPG

As gas prices continue to rise, car owners are looking for any way possible to increase miles per gallon (MPG) and avoid unnecessary trips to the pump. The most convenient (and environmentally-friendly) option is to remove burdens to your car’s fuel efficiency.

Simple adjustments like maintaining proper tire pressure, keeping up with oil changes and accepting a Christian Brothers Automotive courtesy inspection can increase your car’s performance and keep more money in your wallet.

The easy way to improve fuel economy

Another way to improve fuel economy is by keeping windows, sun roofs and convertible tops closed when driving at high speeds. While rolling down your windows at low speeds can eliminate the need for the AC, having an open window, sunroof or convertible top on the highway can decrease MPG by as much as 15%.

Modern cars are designed to cut against wind for maximum MPG. The car design forces air up the windshield, over the roof and down the back. An open window sends the air back into the car, which creates drag.

Why car drag is bad

According to James Smith, former president of the Society of Automotive Engineers, “When you remove that roof line, you have more room for the air to get recirculated back in.” This drag resists acceleration, which makes the car fight harder to maintain a consistent speed.

Even driving at low speeds with a wind deflector can lower drag and increase MPG. Wind deflectors and windscreens also help reduce the uncomfortable noise and intrusion usually associated with an open sunroof.

As gas prices rise, there are many simple ways to increase your car’s fuel efficiency. When driving at high speeds, simply close the windows and keep your convertible top up. Other simple maintenance steps, such as a clean air filter, a fuel system flush and regular oil changes will help increase MPG as well.

For any questions about fuel economy, or to schedule a preventative maintenance check, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield, Missouri. Every vehicle brought in for any service is offered a free courtesy check. Call today, and notice the nice difference!