Do You Notice an Engine Knock?

Do You Notice an Engine Knock?

As a car owner, you’ve probably become accustomed to the common sounds your engine makes. However, a persistent knocking or pinging noise is something to pay attention to. If your car cylinder isn’t functioning correctly, the fuel and air mixture cannot burn evenly. This often results in a knocking noise.

Why the engine knock is a problem

When the engine is working as it should, the engine burns fuel evenly in pockets. However, when these pockets burn unevenly for whatever reason, a shock wave occurs. This shock wave occurs sporadically, and often at the wrong times. This produces the knocking sound you hear, which could be causing serious damage to the vehicle’s cylinder wall and engine piston.

How to fix a knocking engine

If your engine is knocking, it’s important to call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield so one of our ASE-certified technicians can take a look. There are many reasons the engine is burning fuel unevenly. Fortunately, most of the causes are easy to diagnose and repair.

Our professional mechanics will first check your fuel octane levels. If the fuel you use is different than the manufacturer’s recommendations, we may suggest using a different fuel with a higher octane next time you fill up.

Next, we recommend using a detergent. The cylinder walls can collect carbon deposits, which hinder your engine’s efficiency. Most detergents will prevent these buildups and keep your engine clean.

Finally, we’ll check the spark plugs. Engine knocking can be a result of incorrect spark plugs. The owner’s manual will have the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Never ignore a new or persistent sound. Engine knocking typically signifies an easily fixable issue, but neglecting an engine problem could require a costly or extensive repair. If you hear a knocking or pinging, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield to schedule an engine diagnostic today.