3 Obvious Reasons Your Car Engine Fails

3 Obvious Reasons Your Car Engine Fails

Engine repair can cost you a lot of time and money. Thankfully, most engine problems can be easily avoided with proper maintenance. Christian Brothers Automotive offers a free courtesy inspection to every vehicle brought into our Springfield location for any service. This comprehensive evaluation will check all vital elements of your car’s engine to ensure everything operates at maximum efficiency. You can also avoid serious damage by understanding the common reasons for engine repair. If you understand the reason for damage, you can take preventative measures.

1. Neglecting oil and filter changes

Your motor oil has a big responsibility. The oil lubricates the engine, cools engine parts, keeps the engine clean and prevents deposit buildup. Unfortunately, even the best oil eventually degrades. When the oil becomes old, it will begin to fill with sludge and debris. This has a negative effect on your engine. When you change the oil, the contaminates are removed along with the old oil and filter. Your manufacturer will have a recommended oil change schedule, but a good rule of thumb is to have the oil and filter changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

2. Driving while the engine is overheating

It’s obvious when your car is overheating because smoke will be seeping from under the hood. Avoid further damage by turning the car off and calling Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield immediately. Common causes of an overheating engine are improper coolant levels, a cracked head, a blown gasket, a faulty thermostat or contaminated anti-freeze. If your car is overheating, DO NOT try to continue driving until the engine has had a chance to cool down. If you aren’t close to a Christian Brothers Automotive, call our store and we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to check your engine and get to the closest auto repair shop when it’s safe to drive.

3. Catalytic converter failure

The catalytic converter is a vital part of your car’s exhaust system. The catalytic converter breaks down dangerous chemical emissions from the engine and routes them away from the driver. Regular wear and tear will happen, but driving habits, road conditions and vehicle type can also affect the catalytic convertor. If you notice rattling during acceleration or braking, or any loud noises during the drive, it’s time schedule an exhaust system check. The catalytic convertor can fail due to a leak caused by rust or corrosion, or as a result of internal plugging caused by excessive carbon buildup. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks will ensure the entire exhaust system is functioning properly.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we believe in preventative maintenance

Our ASE-certified technicians offer every customer a free courtesy inspection with each visit. We also guarantee our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty. For an oil change, cooling system check or exhaust system maintenance, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield today. Notice the nice difference!