Spring Cleaning: Make Sure Your Car is on the List

•Read your owner’s manual. You’ll find extensive and specific information about maintenance that your car make and model requires. A list of safety precautions can be found in your manual, too.

•Check your fluids. Keep your fluids clean and filled to the proper level, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.

•Follow your maintenance schedule. Check with your local car mechanic at Christian Brothers Automotive to see when your next service check is scheduled. If you don’t have anything on the calendar, make an appointment to ensure timely maintenance. A variety of parts require routine service, including your brakes, air filter, timing belt and spark plugs.

•Check your tire pressure.

•Replace your windshield wipers. Have new wiper blades installed every six months to one year to ensure clear vision.

•Address any problems immediately. If you hear a funny noise or smell something unusual in your car, contact your mechanic right away. Waiting will only result in further damage to your vehicle and increase the cost of the repair.