Typical Exhaust Problems You Should Know About

Exhaust/Emissions System

Your exhaust and emissions system is housed underneath your vehicle and is designed keep your car running smoothly and quietly. Because of its position under the vehicle’s body, it is exposed to a great deal of wear and tear from the road. Here are three common signs that your exhaust and emissions system needs attention:

• Unexpected noise. When functioning normally, your exhaust should emit very little noticeable noise. If there is a recurring hiss or unusual popping noise, it means that your muffler or the pipes are probably leaking.

• Anything dragging or scraping the ground. Your vehicle’s exhaust comes into the most outside contact with the road, which means that it is prone to exposure from rocks, gravel and other debris. If there are holes, punctures, or rust, you need to have your exhaust system examined.

• Burned or discolored paint. Inspect the exhaust port near the cylinder to see what condition it is in. If the paint is flaking or burnt, your exhaust system could be malfunctioning.

Your exhaust is an integral component of your vehicle. If you feel that it needs attention, head to a Christian Brothers Automotive location near you. Our licensed technicians will be able to diagnose your problem and offer a solution to get you back on the road.