How to Keep Your Brakes in the Best Condition

Here are some ways to avoid needing brake service and to keep your car’s brakes working properly:

Don’t Ride the Brakes
Don’t wait until the last second to brake, and don’t excessively hold down the brake either. It burns through your brake pads fast and can be very dangerous depending on weather conditions. Riding the brakes in inclement weather is not safe because it takes much longer to stop and hitting the brakes too hard can cause your car to slide and spin out of control. The best way to come to a complete stop is by gradually stepping on the break while coasting.

Idle Before Stopping
Have you ever been behind a driver who is constantly hitting the brakes instead of coasting? This type of driving is not only hazardous to be behind, but it will also do a number on your brakes. The speed up, slow down motion destroys brake pads. Idling before coming to a stop causes less stress on the brakes – and also increases gas mileage.

Keep Your Brakes Clean
The next time you wash your car, be sure to spray off your brakes. Brake dust accumulates on the inner drum of the wheel and decreases the brake friction.

Use these tips to avoid extra brake services and repair!