12 Days of Giving

Whether you are looking to volunteer your time or perform good deeds as a family, there are many charitable things you can do within your very own community.

  1. Volunteer at a nursing home. You and your family can bring a little holiday cheer to elderly people that might not otherwise have anyone to spend the holidays with. Bring them Christmas cards, make them cookies and sing them a few Christmas carols!
  2. Donate your clothes. Don’t throw away your old clothes and shoes that no longer fit, instead gather them up and bring them to a drop-off location to help someone stay warm this winter.
  3. Donate to a food bank. Take a look inside your pantry at home and see if you have any extra jars of peanut butter or cans of food and bring them to your local food pantry.
  4. Donate blood. There are many respectable donation facilities with highly trained employees who can safely take your blood. It only takes an hour and your donation can help save a life.
  5. Donate money to your favorite charitable organization. Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, there are still ways to make a difference in your community by donating funds to a respected charity.
  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Help feed the hungry in your community. Go to your local soup kitchen and volunteer your time to cook and serve for those in need.

12 Days of Giving continues through December 24, so you can still participate! All you have to do is come by your community Christian Brothers Automotive and make a Giving Pledge by promising to do something nice this Christmas. For more ideas, look and see what other people in your community have pledged.

Go to our Facebook page to learn more about Christian Brothers Automotive’s 12 Days of Giving and see what people have already pledged each day!