Does your car squeak when you brake? This could indicate your brake pads are damaged or worn and may need changing. Ignoring this issue may cause damage to the rotors and may be irreparable, resulting in an expensive replacement. Don’t overlook this issue! At Christian Brothers Automotive in Grand Prairie, our ASE-certified technicians evaluate the brake pads and rotors through our Courtesy Inspections, and suggest if your car needs service.

Changing your vehicle’s brake pads is routine auto maintenance. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we do much more for your car than other auto repair shops. Our technicians efficiently install components made specifically for your vehicle’s brake pads. We also include resurfacing your vehicle’s rotors. Because worn rotors slow your car down, our technicians lubricate and resurface your car’s rotors back to the supplier’s specifications. Brake liquid is another vital part to your vehicle’s stopping system. While most car repair companies simply top off your brake fluid, we use only clean brake liquid for service, which restores your braking system’s performance.

If you are experiencing brake difficulty or your brakes are screeching, give us a call at (817) 803-5745 to schedule an appointment or visit us at:

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