Think of Christian Brothers Automotive For Brake Service

brake service

Are your brakes squeaking when you use them? If they are, your vehicle is probably in need of brake service. Changing your vehicle’s brake pads is a very easy task for a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician.

Rotors help a vehicle slow down. Failing to change your vehicle’s brake pads will result in warped rotors. Driving a vehicle with damaged rotors is hazardous to the people inside your vehicle and other drivers on the road.

Will your brakes work when you need them the most? Make sure your vehicle can stop every time.

How to make your brakes last longer and drive safer

There are tons of ways to make your brakes last longer. Christian Brothers Automotive can replace your vehicle’s brake pads and resurface the rotors whenever you need brake service. Here are some tips to make your brakes pads last longer:

-Coast before using the brakes. Stopping at high rates of speed creates more friction and wears the brakes down more than stopping at slower rates of speed.

-Drive a safe distance behind the driver in front of you. Driving like this in traffic not only prevents accidents, it will help your brake pads. Drivers who drive close to other drivers (“tailgaters”) generally hit the brakes more than the average driver because they constantly put themselves in dangerous driving situations and have to prevent themselves from slamming into other cars.

Christian Brothers Automotive can provide your vehicle with the brake service it needs. Keep your family safe by having an ASE-certified technicians change your vehicle’s brake pads. Call your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive to schedule brake service or stop by one of our auto repair centers today.