What is a Used Car Inspection?

By nature, a used car purchase comes with more questions and considerations than a new car. Is the critical driving system in good condition? How much life is left on key engine parts, such as belts, hoses, and engine mounts? The skilled technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive understand the importance of having answers to questions like these and many others before you drive off the car lot.

Put your mind at ease—let your local Christian Brothers ASE-certified mechanic conduct a pre-purchase inspection on the used vehicle that you’re considering.

A pre-purchase inspection is especially helpful if you’re considering a vehicle with an expired warranty. Because you assume a greater amount of out-of-pocket risk on a car without a warranty, a pre-purchase inspection makes financial sense. You’ll receive answers and a thorough evaluation of the car, from the engine compartment, fluid levels, and maintenance situation to the tires, brake pads, and condition of the car’s interior and exterior.

Christian Brothers will conduct a consistent, comprehensive review of your prospective vehicle and help you identify any existing or potential problems. If problems are found early and if repairs are possible, you might be able to negotiate a lower purchase price. However, if the problems are too extensive or costly, you’ll be able to find a safer, more reliable car for your family—before it’s too late.

Visit your local Christian Brothers auto shop for a pre-purchase inspection to gain the peace of mine you want and need.