Brake Repair in Lubbock, Texas

Christian Brothers Automotive in Lubbock checks your vehicle's brakes when we perform our Courtesy Inspection every time you bring your car into our repair center. Our ASE-certified specialists remove your auto's tires and wheels and assess the quality of the brake pads and rotors. Afterward, we determine whether or not you need new brake pads or rotor service.

If you are experiencing brake trouble, or your brakes are screeching, call us or drop by Christian Brothers Automotive near Regal Park at:

6207 82nd St
Lubbock, TX 79424.


Do your brakes screech when you use them? Almost always, this is an indicator that the vehicle's brake pads are damaged and have to be transformed. Don't overlook this problem. At some point the extra friction will certainly heat up the blades irreparably, causing an expensive replacement.

Replacing your vehicle's brake pads is a routine car repair. Christian Brothers Automotive does much more to your automobile compared to other auto repair facilities. Our ASE-certified technicians make sure to include of any parts created especially for the brake pads we install on your vehicle.

Our brake service also features resurfacing your car's rotors. Rotors play an intricate role in slowing your vehicle down. Without them your car will not stop correctly. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your automobile's rotors back to the manufacturer's specifications.

Brake fluid is an important part to your automobile's braking system. The majority of auto repair business simply top off your brake fluid. Christian Brothers Automotive only uses new brake fluid for brake service, which improves your braking system's performance.