Discover The “Nice Difference” At Our Lafayette Auto Repair Shop

From the fresh landscape to a building designed to look like a house, we make each guest feel welcome.

That’s why we offer complimentary coffee, tea and water and provide free Wi-Fi. We also offer a shuttle service free of charge, and always have a manager (if not the owner) on-site. At our Lafayette auto repair shop, we treat each customer like a member of the family.

The truth about car service at our Lafayette shop

Many drivers believe only the dealership can service their vehicle (or service their vehicle the ‘right’ way). Other Lafayette drivers feel like they have no choice but to use dealerships, fearing they may void a warranty when another automotive shop services the car.

The truth is, Federal Law prohibits new car dealers from denying warranty coverage because routine maintenance was performed at an independent repair shop. Our ASE-certified technicians have the tools and equipment to service any vehicle (often for less than the price dealerships charge).

We also provide a 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty and roadside assistance at no cost to best serve your needs. Our qualified, professional technicians help you with extended warranty service and diagnostics. We even send estimates and visuals via email so you can easily keep track of car repairs.

Let us show you the Nice Difference

Our dedicated staff works well together and works hard to take care of you and your car. We always ensure your vehicle is safe and dependable. That’s why we offer a free courtesy inspection with every service. You’re in the right hands with our professionals.

Don’t feel inconvenienced by car service. Trust the friendly neighborhood experts to find the right solution the first time. To schedule an inspection or car repair today, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Lafayette, Colorado. Discover the nice difference!